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Vronto Tech is a blockchain company leveraging the security of blockchain while enriches everyday life with a decentralized blockchain economy and wearable technology. We believe blockchain technology is here to stay with us and the future looks very bright. We plan on remaining at the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in innovative new ways.

  • Blockchain Solution
  • Energy Harvesting Solution
  • Smart Mobile & Wearable Tech
  • Artech Toys
Vronto Node

Masternodes for Everyone

Vronto Node is both a decentralized cryptocurrency and masternodes.
It’s an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low-cost mining tool that allows users to spend like real cash or stake for higher rewards. Vronto Node also implements the revolutionary multi-collateral system.

Vronto Node is our first but not the last contribution for the blockchain economy on a global scale.

    Vronto Tech Services

    Comprehensive Blockchain Solution

    Business-friendly Smart Contract

    Vronto tech provides customized solutions for enterprise clients. Our blockchain solutions are stable and safe development environments for smart contracts, enabling business-friendly smart contract coding, deploying and executing.

    • Comprehensive One-Stop Service
    • Research Services
    • Professional Consulting Services
    • Ongoing Training Courses

    Smart Mobile for Blockchain Era

    Vronto Tech is currently developing a blockchain-enabled smartphone with built-in cold storage wallet, master node mining feature for Vronto Node, and built in self-charging battery technology. It’s the ultimate smart phone for new era.

    Harvest Usable Energy from Radio Waves Around Us

    Our chief scientific officer Dr. Takafuji have succeeded in generating electricity from the noise (low frequency) from the radio waves of AM, FM and mobile phones. The remote control also has been developed. We’re going to apply this new technology to our smart mobile phone and Art-tech toys, exclusively. Stay tuned for our new inventions and future announcement.

    • Harvest Energy from Radio Waves
    • True Wireless Power Source
    • High Impedance
    • Compact and Light Weight

    Meet Shapy, Wifi-Router for the Blockchain Era

    SHAPY is our first, not the last Art-tech toy project which reflects our philosophy towards to the Art of Science. Wi-Fi router is the single most important piece of technology in everyone’s home for surfing web, gaming, and it shouldn’t be boring and hidden under the dusty corner or under the desk. SHAPY is equipped with high-performance chipset which provides ultra-speedy performance.



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    Vronto Tech helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over the world. Our business is enabling others to perform better in blockchain era.